I miss

I miss the sun dancing across my face

Kissing my eyes whilst standing a top a hill

I miss the ocean breeze caressing my hair

Whilst my toes are digging into the grains of sandy beaches

I miss the wind circling beneath my nostrils as the leaves of a thick wooded

Area release the perfumes of eucalyptus trees

I miss the fires built within bluestone circles

Omitting their heat to keep strangers warm

I miss sleeping beneath the stars with only the moonlight

To guide us in wooded areas amongst the tall trees

But most of all I miss thee

During this lockdown and unprecedented times we will slowly


I miss feeling alive…. 💙

A little ditty

Here she goes again oh oh oh

Falling swaying twirling oh oh oh oh

That sinking feeling oh oh oh oh

You’ve been there once before

You’ve been there once before

The pulling undertow

The pulling undertow

The crash and the burn

The crash and the burn

The nothing left to say

She’s left her body sways

The promises you made

The fabric as it frays

Just ashes on the floor

Go running for the door

Vacant eyes

Searching the room

The promises she made

A good thing she just blew

Here she goes again

Falling swaying twirling

That sinking feeling

You’ve been there once before

You’ve been there once before

Go running for the door

Go running for the door

Don’t want to

Don’t want to

Bleeding words forevermore

Don’t want to

Don’t want to


There she goes

Eyes roll back

The words she lacks

She’s like the sun

Her coronal mass ejections

Drew you to her

Without thought and feeling

Her warmth and magnetic pull

Was what you needed to feel

Whole again. Her brightness

Unwavering steadfast gaze

You had no choice

But you missed it.

You missed the coronal holes

The black missing chunks

Created by every disappointment

Heartbreak and lies told to her

One more wrongdoing could burn the sun out

Listen to the mass ejections you may hear

Her cries for the one true love

The promise of centuries and eons before

He will return in this life for her yet chose to be with another

So everyday she rises spins and omits her warmth knowing she has no choice

But to carry on. For many are dependent on her

Until her spark returns no more….


That tired feeling

Washing over my skin

The new normal

Has broken me in

The search is over

All stones up turned

Today I’m sober

My spirit is burned

All hope is lost

Can’t see you smile

The masks now block

So many vacant eyes

Stare back at me

Uncertain futures

People ready to flee

I woke up tired

And sore and blue

Tired of this sham

This world of new 💙


That rising ache reaching up wanting

To explode the hurt and pain

Caused by the words that bite and chew

Through the flesh and knawing

At the brittle bones that once were strong

Before the chemicals pumped into veins to stop the

Black mass wanting to overtake

The very matter and thousands of atoms that

Shaped her very being.

But twice the lump that threatened her

To spew forth was suppressed . Down deep

Pretending she didn’t hear the spiteful words

And carried on to create the friendly atmosphere

Unbeknownst to all she knows who lies

Who is deceitful and whom has used her. So quiet

And silent she’ll be. For silence will scream and then the

Sun will shine again and summer will light up the eyes

Hiding behind a veil of sadness engulfing her very

Spirit from lighting the very way needed to go on.

I saw your eyes today

The last time you looked at me in that way

My heart broke into a million pieces

Shattered and falling there were no pleases

They were sad and I saw no approval

I drew them in the angry accusal

Please tell for why were they wrought

With darkness and sadness and anger aloft

I’ve only ever tried to please

These games of hurt they must cease

I’ll finish this now for you will move

Forward you see I’ve won you’ll lose

I know in my heart there is no regret

There’s nothing my love I will soon forget

All that you were and all that you do

Was always for them But mostly for you

I’m glad that I gave you the lift that was needed

Consider this a the greatest peace treaty

Ever written for you my friend

You presumed me wrong I’ll never condemn

You to hell for this tragic story

You lead me a long for close to forty

Years the string tied to both our hearts

Is fraying now and tearing apart

One last chance to bind us together

The old song goes it’s now or never

I’m sorry

Time for me now

Please don’t furrow that brow

I love you more than words

Time for me myself absurd

It’s always you and she you see

But no more it’s now time for me

I’m tired of all these shenanigans

In hot water this will land us

If I don’t heal properly

The pain won’t go understand clearly

I want to help I promise you

But now my luck is for me not you

I’ll take my spark back I will

Till a fire ignites and there’s a truce

For the now

All I can do for you

Is listen and stroke your hand

All I can do for you

Is hummm and brush the sand

Out of the cobweb mind

Filled with such halls and trails

All I can do for now

Is to help you not stumble nor fail

All I can do for now

Is keep lighting your way

All I can do for now

Is talk to you and not say

How every word written

With pen and pencil

Can hurt teach and learn

There is your lesson

All I can do for now

Is bring attention to your blue

All I can do for now

Is help you watch as the bird flew

Out of it’s nest for the first time

Flapping it’s wings

higher it climbs

Then rests and sings

All I can do for you

Is to wish the sadness goes

All I can do for you

Feel my white light flows

Through you heal you imagine

It’s true

For tomorrow is another day

Another thought That’s new ❤️


Tired of the games they play

Sore from the work I do

Wrinkled from the age I am

The colour I feel is blue

Look up towards the sun today

Breathe in and close the eyes

Thinking of the place to be

The ocean breeze and sandflies

Listening for the waves

Thoughts starting to run

Breathe is quickening

Remember to have fun

But then the eyes will open

And birds above in the trees

Laughing and calling

For we are not free

Just Be

The echo of your voice

The crunching footsteps

On cobble stones wet

With rains of tears

Flowing from the deepest of drains

Without stopping

I felt your breath behind me

Smelling the sweetness of spices

Your cologne drifts into

The holes of my once solid heart

Now shattered into a million pieces

As daybreak looms before me just a few more

Steps panting I lunge forward

Into the rails of blue rocks without stopping

I see the diamonds reflecting of the river ripples

Gladness overcomes as the coolness touches my hair

My neck my arms then feet

Just one or two breaths then it’s over I scream

Into the darkness I see your face

Then once again we will be….