For I do like to laugh

But mostly at myself

The mistakes I make

Cheeky as an elf

I do like to laugh

Till the tears roll down

Across rosy cheeks

Like children at a playground

Laughter comes from within

Down to my belly

Happy as sin

But know I would never

Intentionally laugh at you

Your mistakes are my memories

Of once I did to


Blue is you

Your eyes so true

Your heart it beats red through and through

The light so bright

see me in you

I’m blessed I love

The words mirror in you

The magic is there

I will help you through

Breathe in my love

Raise it high

Together again

Souls in the sky

Nor space or time

Extinguished the spark

I hear your calls

Soon in the dark

Release yourself

Is it she

That wants to be free

Why do you hold

Onto love forlorn

So many times

So many rhymes

All is lost when babe is born

The demand to listen

A dew drop glistens

Beware the tempestuous storm

Of love and like

Hopped on a bike

For another she is drawn

Up high in the tree

leaves drop beneath

Let the babe go

It’s time for he

A father is thee

Move on he should know

Don’t be shy

And don’t you lie

It’s ok to search for love

Another muse

Held your glance and bemused

So fly be free white dove

A smile

A smile

For a while

There is nothing that compares

A few muscles a feeling

A glint

On contrare

It changes the recipient

And all that see

The lips eyes and dimples

Smiling with glee

If we smile for a while

You will see too

No more anger no more fear

No more angst

or feeling Blue

But i dare not tell you

To smile if you wont care

To change your own outlook

You’re red or glassy stare

I crave all that’s peaceful

In love and of truth

I seek the beauty in you

Your smile but so aloof

So for now I will keep dreaming

Of a world of peace and true

Get rid of all the violence

And plastic guns

That make me blue



I float
This way and that
I float
Towards you
Slide like a cat
You come closer
I shake
What to say
All hopes of a coherant sentence
You look you stare you inhale
Eyes widen a smile prevails
You recognise my words eyes and hue
There’ll be not another you

*remember to breathe



Whilst we wait

You play to thrill

You listen to us

Your music surreal

Like a child

Holding my breath

Longing for the bell

My phone vibrates

Humble you are

But something deeper and darker

Lurks in your head

Did we misread

One of your children

Hit the depths of your heart

Did someone depart

Left you a dart

Hitting the mark

But just like a shark

Biting you

Controlling you

Again I will wait

With abated breath for your next words

Along with the thousands

Who love you and your muse

For giving us the sweet sweet sound

That resonates with

Every cell of my being

I adore and thank you

For giving me blue

Ravings of a crazy moon

too early go back to sleep
Cold still night
So tired could wheep
Winter solstice
Crosses and charms
Longer days
Longer nights
Welcome to new beginnings
Meteors crashing
Ears ringing
Earth is tilting
Earth is flat
Who told me this
Must be a quack
Words and music
Floating above my bed
Or was it imaginings
In my head
Smiling and chit chat
Will follow
But for now
Fill that hollow
Those three words
So easily written
Harder to say
But now totally smitten
Close my eyes now
Count to ten
Visions of you
Blessed again