I forgive you

But why should I care

When I have

Nothing left to spare

Nor would I even dare

You are leaving

With no remorse or despair

Are there words to change your mind

Or your cold stare

I’m broken up inside

Feeling pain I just can’t hide

In a moment you are gone

Just like this sad sad song

I’ll forgive you

If we give it one more try

I promise not to cry

And leave it there

Will you hold me

Say we will be fine

Words that will not rhyme

As you close the door behind you

One last time …..



It’s all so still

Silent cold and grey


Broken I feel

Hurting shattered betrayed


Autopilot keep smiling and stay


Feel nothing invisible ghostly frayed


Blackened soul deep within dead


See right through fragile mind Always dread

You don’t know me

Shocked and amazed
Games people play
Rude and crude
Bleeding black you do
One too many Jimmys
Me thinks you are falling
From the days events
From your own calling
The pleasure your words
Sometimes ringing true
Like the bells of St Pauls
When Sunday draws through
Today those words were to
Shock and eject
I should’ve stopped reading
And now I regret
For another side was shown
You’re the same as them
After one thing
To devour and condemn
Keep sharing your gift
Your words of rhyme
I will be back
In white winter time