And the plot thickens

Oh my dickens

The story you told

The lies you rolled

For gains and money

Oh me my honey

As sweet as can be

The lies you told me

To save a penny

Just like Kenny

Islands in the stream

Smiles and gleams

Every soul that’s waiting

At your beck and call

Here you go honey

Now there’s the door

Head aches

Woke up with the worst

Feeling like I’ve been cursed

Blurry vision crystal scenes

Can’t make out

The rivers and ravines

Thoughts are jumbled

Sounds are muffled

Go away before I ruffle

Peace is what I long for blue

Tired I am click those shoes

Rest I should but life’s a bitch

Bills and taxes I need to hitch

A ride elsewhere on foreign shores

Where plants are green and release spores

Oceans are blue sand is clean

Ah headache goes when I picture thee

Mirror you

North South

East West

Which one describes

Me the best

Sun moon

Earth Wind

Which one in four

The end will win

Fly walk

Run or jog

A few weeks left

To you a mob

Face Hand

Leg Or foot

Takeout wine

Prepare and cook

A riddle a fiddle

A jigsaw and more

When running and breathing

What is in yr core

Fresh breeze waves lap

Arms enfold her breast

Caress her love her

For she knows what’s best

Earth Air

Water and fire

The latter I am

Passion I sire

Ocean of blue

Wading in the ocean of blue

Walking past me you were with two

As waves hit us me second first you

I was drenched you’re tall not you

The water envelopes me caresses my hips

It’s ice cold salt touches my lips

You’re two shout as they jump right in

You continue along to look is a sin

In the dead of night the waves crashing hard

I remember the hat glasses and stars

I knew you’d come ‘twas always you

The connection is strong oh mr Blue

I’m truly tired this energy play

You’ve seeked my help my nerves will fray

The green eyed monster has told lies to most

Turned people from me and others fire poked

Has formed a gang dig deep you’ll find

Ruined good folks just to climb

So use them now as you see fit

The spark is out the mic dropped oh sh@#$t

The light went out

The day you said enough

I’m sorry I didn’t know

That life for you was tough

Your smile those dimples deep

Eyes brown closed now you sleep

Forever a light went out

Your moods your thoughts you shout

But something in you died

The songs you wrote I cried

For love you felt was more

Than other poets who soared

Did you want to hurt

Those you sought more from

Or were you tired of life

You died and cut like a knife

Those whom loved you most

They now understand

You were a passionate

Moody man

For Paolo

I’ve avoided you

Mr Blue

You’re wants and needs

Your voice too

Your smile


And baby blues

Silver hair

Fingers too

I’ve avoided you

Moved forward

The pain I felt

Mentioned their names

Saw mine and glanced away

I’ve avoided you

Just as you did me

I get it now

Was never to be

I’ve avoided you

And moved forward

Got a degree

That I am proud of

I wish I could share

My wonderful news

Someone to grow with

And wonder with too

I’ve avoided you

It broke my heart

This rope is so thick

It won’t tear apart

The laugh

Of one not quite there

She lives in a world of untruths

With no care

For those she will hurt

It’s evident and clear

Her lies and manipulation

Change direction and steer

They told me to watch her

Why bring her to the fold

Because she is close

And mad and cold

So release her and give her

something to relish

Or am I being

Too forward and selfish

Softly softly

She speaks with words of daggers

Softly he weeps for her words of venom

A position of authority

What lies to get her there

Will now unravel

Like untidy hair

Your callous words of

Manipulation was read

Revelled in your thoughts

A mistake you bled

Patience my friend

Your undoing is near

And about time

Goodbye my fear..

Hopefully now the help you need is clear

Time on Earth

Should be all it promises

Sunshines and lollipops

Unicorns and horses

But listen while I spill a spool

Of loneliness and heartaches

Where trees Sway

Stairs are long

and winding

And sighs escape when they may

So jig it up

Drop a few, mix it if it pleases

The plan to plot

No sadness you want

So drop them as you need to…