A cardboard in hand

Dirty fingernails

I nearly tripped over you

With my coffee in a mug

Cherry ripe in a bag

Eyes locked a smile and nod ensued

I smiled back apologised

Shit what can I do

Tears welled up

I walked back to my car

A lump in my throat grew

Grabbed my card

Walked into shop

Told them to take the amount

Offer him the menu

Choose what he wants

Hot cold drinks food doesn’t matter

You choose for he they say you see

Don’t give him the choice of food

Angrily I said let him feel free

For a moment you stupid fool

We’re all in chains

This thing called life

Working to live and breathe

Whilst others fall quick

On drugs or sick

The man plays us like fiddles

He’s but just one

Down on his luck

I pray tonight he keeps warm

Dark clouds ahead

Concrete floor his bed

Thunder and lightening

A sudden storm

Early starts

Fizzled out before the day begins

Effervescent in body

Yet mind is far and longing

For the way to be shown

Someone take the reigns please

And get rid of this unease

Stop the tease

So close yet miles

From your smiles

Drip feeding the thoughts and riddles

As you fiddle with words

How absurd

Let them flow

Roll forth

No thought

Ah daylight breaks

Return back to reality

Drink that coffee

Feel the bubbles begin once more

Alert and a moron no more

Blue for two

so many trees
losing there leaves
since the road trip
I’ve buggered my knee
ruined a car
hired another employee
been busy in thoughts
in higher prayers I sought
where to now I scream
want live the dream
too many dependents
a lifelong sentence
gave myself roadblocks
oh my the shocks
hey now hey now
I’m dreaming it’s over
a new leaf I should turn over


I’m sorry I wasn’t there

Nor did I know

I’m sorry you were in pain

And your soul had to go

A lovely light with love

Your guiding light

Reached out to me

To share your joy

I was more than happy

To hear and know

I was blessed to know you

Blessed you chose me

A bright spark

A beautiful laugh

Fly now and be free

Watch over your loved ones

All love and miss thee

Head aches

Woke up with the worst

Feeling like I’ve been cursed

Blurry vision crystal scenes

Can’t make out

The rivers and ravines

Thoughts are jumbled

Sounds are muffled

Go away before I ruffle

Peace is what I long for blue

Tired I am click those shoes

Rest I should but life’s a bitch

Bills and taxes I need to hitch

A ride elsewhere on foreign shores

Where plants are green and release spores

Oceans are blue sand is clean

Ah headache goes when I picture thee


Melancholy day

Contemplate on the word hate

As I listen to the offerings

The giving

the words spilling forth

Realisations creeping in

Like stowaways hiding in the corners of a large maze

Only coming out when safe to do so

Leaving breadcrumbs behind to gently let you know

Your job is done

Your reward a nod, a smile, a memory

Surreal feelings of joy but only for a brief hour

Turn sour bereft of power

Only words building a tower

Of the imagining

Then fade to a wispy white above

As a new day begins with the sun rise

Promising the pain will lessen if you don’t think

Another drink

Allow the stowaways to settle

Amidst the nettle

Gently drinking from the golden goblet

Of yesterday

As I listen some more to the meanderings of

The calculating teaching you to step up

Out coax you from the shell you built

As a young one

I’m looking for that shell now

What the hell

You won’t be missed the stowaway tells

Cocoon further into yourself as you protect

What little you have left

Your only regret

The empty promises that were made

Now fade into a movie you once sang

My dear …..

Mirror you

North South

East West

Which one describes

Me the best

Sun moon

Earth Wind

Which one in four

The end will win

Fly walk

Run or jog

A few weeks left

To you a mob

Face Hand

Leg Or foot

Takeout wine

Prepare and cook

A riddle a fiddle

A jigsaw and more

When running and breathing

What is in yr core

Fresh breeze waves lap

Arms enfold her breast

Caress her love her

For she knows what’s best

Earth Air

Water and fire

The latter I am

Passion I sire

I cried as I

Got in the shower

Get ready for work

How it hurts

I give it all

my open pores

Sweat blood and tears

Operations and fears

Just leave the light on

I’ll be home after work

To make sure the man

Gets his feed

I envy you

The crystal blue green waters

Of volcanic hills that rise from the sea

I wish I was with thee

Drinking espresso

With the ocean breeze

And windswept salty hair

Without a care

You deserve this time

Worked hard

Dealt the card

Was gifted a life of travel

Me the nomad at heart

Left to push carts

Life has been hard

Sore and aching

Here have my last penny

Suitcases packed

The time has come

Your call you’ve beckoned

Flights booked You won

Family ties at rest and peace

New beginnings new country

New friends new lease

From a sheltered world With blinkers on

When the plane lands

Old reunions and bonds

Will once again pick up as before

The connection made

Back in 2004