Strike the match

Strike the match

Light the wick

It’s pouring rain

Or so it seems

Candle burning

Wax melting

Down the side

Onto frosting

Hip hip hooray

And so they cheer

Rosey cheeks

From the beer

In a trance

Take a breath

Blow the pain

re Birth not death

And there is your wish

Will you share

Or keep it a secret

Shall I dare


I heard it

I heard it

I felt it

The first

Ice melt

What was it

Triggered it

Played it

Fiddled it

Release it

Stop it

Absorb it

Throw it

Forget it

It’s gone



Is gone

Face the sun

Up high

I’ll be watching

Your smile

Close your eyes

I’m there

Won’t be long

Do I dare


I am theĀ  moth I flutter towards you
Then away
Then before you
Each time flapping closer
Each time drawing back with
I breathe quickly and am sucked
Into your light
It’s so bright
With confusion I’m drawn closer
With the promise of renewal
With the promise of love