I cried as I

Got in the shower

Get ready for work

How it hurts

I give it all

my open pores

Sweat blood and tears

Operations and fears

Just leave the light on

I’ll be home after work

To make sure the man

Gets his feed

I miss

I miss the sun dancing across my face

Kissing my eyes whilst standing a top a hill

I miss the ocean breeze caressing my hair

Whilst my toes are digging into the grains of sandy beaches

I miss the wind circling beneath my nostrils as the leaves of a thick wooded

Area release the perfumes of eucalyptus trees

I miss the fires built within bluestone circles

Omitting their heat to keep strangers warm

I miss sleeping beneath the stars with only the moonlight

To guide us in wooded areas amongst the tall trees

But most of all I miss thee

During this lockdown and unprecedented times we will slowly


I miss feeling alive…. 💙

I’m sorry

Time for me now

Please don’t furrow that brow

I love you more than words

Time for me myself absurd

It’s always you and she you see

But no more it’s now time for me

I’m tired of all these shenanigans

In hot water this will land us

If I don’t heal properly

The pain won’t go understand clearly

I want to help I promise you

But now my luck is for me not you

I’ll take my spark back I will

Till a fire ignites and there’s a truce

Father echoes

Into the night

Listen softly to the rain

As it hits the tiled roof

Then sighs a deep sigh

Coming from deep within

The darkest of depths

Where only the lonely

Whom long for the

One thing they are supposed to

Do or Be or Love

Just love

Yet he dies alone

For Father’s voice still

Echoes and tells me to

Be still. Be quiet and listen

never let the sun hide behind you

Let it caress your face and

Know I’ll be there

I now sigh the deepest of sighs

And know that I too will die

Alone but for the suns kisses

To remind me we are all but one

Alone in our thoughts with a different sigh

A sigh of tired a sigh of love A sigh of loneliness


I am mad. As red as blood.

As angry as can be

Must pull away

The hurt the shame

These feelings and thoughts it frees

Your carelessness blind and deaf

You chose the path you take

Give us a taste of morsel face

And leave us begging you

A tired tune all glistening new

Why do I feel so blue

The promise made

The lux now fades

Step back is what I’ll do

Consumed my all

Thoughts words and tore

sinews hold me together

When all I asked was never tasked

And shattered my bones forever

Created paths influencers laughed

Stumbling to your tune

For lies were told so brash and bold

I hope you face your rune

But alas I love I love you still

With carelessness I fear

Hollow and spent

Body hurts stomach wretched

the moon She knows my tears


I wasn’t there to hold your hand

And walk you through the dark

I wasn’t there to kiss the tear

That fell into the night

The grief drew you into the blue

Shattered your heart and soul

You lost a man a hero and friend

Through age and in time grew old

I know your pain I know your sorrow

Time passes it doesn’t go away

I promise you my heart and soul

Things with time get better

You will love you will laugh

Your eyes will glisten hues

With joy and sadness there will be gladness

And some frolicking too

For now accept my viral words

Of love and caresses too

Feel the warmth surrounding you

Of many whom know sorrow of blue

A little ditty for your tune

Here she goes again

Here she goes again oh oh oh

Falling swaying twirling oh oh oh oh

That sinking feeling oh oh oh oh

You’ve been there once before

You’ve been there once before

The pulling undertow

The pulling undertow

The crash and the burn

The crash and the burn

The nothing left to say

She’s left her body sways

The promises you made

The fabric as it frays

Just ashes on the floor

Go running for the door

Vacant eyes

Searching the room

The promises she made

A good thing she just blew

Here she goes again

Falling swaying twirling

That sinking feeling

You’ve been there once before

You’ve been there once before

Go running for the door

Go running for the door

Don’t want to

Don’t want to

Bleeding words forevermore

Don’t want to

Don’t want to


There she goes

Eyes roll back

The words she lacks

My Papa

It’s been 10 years

Since you took your last breath

So many unspoken words

sad memories you left

I wish how I wish

I had been stronger with you

And defied your reasonings

Of no medicine you choose

You’ve missed your grandchildren’s

Graduations and plays

You’ve missed youngest daughter

Is starting to grey

We’re wrinkling and sagging in places

And parts

We’re growing old without you

All seemingly apart

The circle was broken

The only kindness we knew

That wretched woman

Is still alive

And still without a clue

Your eldest grandchild has

Your heart of gold

He’ll soon be leaving for

America so bold

I wish you were here

To soften the blows

To hold my hand as I too

Grow old

The fake moon

There you have it

A woman a witch

It shall be known

But I am no snitch

Evil and mislead

Like a child is but she

Tread ever so careful

By the moon she doth see

Embrace the light

Angels protect thee

For you have completed

And will now be free

Move forward on your own

For the warlock must sit

On his golden throne

It is judgement for writ

The gates of pearl open

All of black and the night

Will be taken by force

And extinguished by light

You must revert now

I hate to tell you

Seek your answer

It is here in the blue

You have a seeker

They are not to be trusted

Have played with thy magic

A silver encrusted

I have felt all your sadness

Confusion and ache

Your pain and your sorrow

Your hurt I’ll forsake

But stay true to you

Oh scholar of Blue


You’re angry

I feel it

What have I done

I’m scared


I want to run

I shouldn’t have said yes

I didn’t think you’d come

You’re smile you’re eyes

Were always such fun

Now there’s disappointment

A reason to yell

The beginning of the anger

The sound of the bell

Get away far away

As far as your legs take

The anger I can’t stand

All I will forsake

But without your love

My heart will break

I’m sorry

I was wrong

An offering on my plate

Please take my soul

Forgive me I’m sorry

Please tell me what I’ve done

Before I start to run