Suitcases packed

The time has come

Your call you’ve beckoned

Flights booked You won

Family ties at rest and peace

New beginnings new country

New friends new lease

From a sheltered world With blinkers on

When the plane lands

Old reunions and bonds

Will once again pick up as before

The connection made

Back in 2004


Such a comforting thought to envelope you with my love and soul

Cocoon you in my breathe of solitude so white and pure

Reef from you the blackness of sins before your time

Blanket you with perfumes of lillies innocent and honest

Wrap you with thoughts of glistening gold and silvers to heal

The new you the new world will begin


I wasn’t there to hold your hand

And walk you through the dark

I wasn’t there to kiss the tear

That fell into the night

The grief drew you into the blue

Shattered your heart and soul

You lost a man a hero and friend

Through age and in time grew old

I know your pain I know your sorrow

Time passes it doesn’t go away

I promise you my heart and soul

Things with time get better

You will love you will laugh

Your eyes will glisten hues

With joy and sadness there will be gladness

And some frolicking too

For now accept my viral words

Of love and caresses too

Feel the warmth surrounding you

Of many whom know sorrow of blue


Nothing more to share

A heart is bare

For all to see

Including me

Private thoughts

Now stored away

You left the matrix

For quieter pastures

Never to hear

Your thoughts again

Only the music

Quiet the thread

We miss you so

Keep waiting but slow

To learn the truth

Will hurt not smooth

Bouncing about from one to the other

Still looking for your hearts’ lover


You’ve Recently closed

Unplugged just gone

Lost connection

No light shone

Out of reach

Out of sight

Into the darkness

Out of the light

Did you wish to end it

With all your might

We’ve been tricked

By the oceans bight

A spark to ignite

The fury caused

Create divisions

Between the groups

Just an incision

That won’t be stitched

And can’t be fixed

Not who you are

So near yet far

I’ve tried for you

Oh hero of blue

To create peace

And hatred release

No light ahead

I fear and dread

My physical pain

Return twin flame

‘Twas not to be

Not meant to leave

Return back home

Not the unknown

Just Once

Just once I wish for peace
Just once your voice to cease
Just once to lie and sleep
Just once in love kneedeep
Just once no thoughts in head
Just once no fear I tread
Just once your arms protect
Just once the tears don’t secrete
Just once realise I’m me
Just once to feel I’m free
Just once remove these shackles
Just once turn back time’s battles
Just once body perfect
Just once no scars and defects
Just once to know you too
Just once don’t want to miss you
Just once no riddles no words
Just once actions are heard
Just once no tiredness nor weight
Just once to not feel hate
Just once to turn back time
Just once where you are mine

I heard it

I heard it

I felt it

The first

Ice melt

What was it

Triggered it

Played it

Fiddled it

Release it

Stop it

Absorb it

Throw it

Forget it

It’s gone



Is gone

Face the sun

Up high

I’ll be watching

Your smile

Close your eyes

I’m there

Won’t be long

Do I dare


Alone silent and patient she sits
On a black leather couch
For him to commit
Heart body mind and soul
Forever to qive
But who is the fool
The girl on the perch
With scars of her wars
Her eyes of hazel he searched
For the comfort and peace
He so long deserved
His heart of deep love
Only an artist can give
Forever searching
A present day to live
He lives in the future
Anxiety ridden through and through
Looks into her eyes deep
Soul of blue
He recognised the peace
He so longed for to drown
Finally to rest
So a clue she had found
Lookup there’s a sign
Close your eyes imagine me
There it is
There’s nothing in between
So she’ll sit on her perch
And dream of the oncoming
Wait for his return
She’ll save him with
Her humming





I see I’ve been replaced
By one without haste
Your poems of war
Were so cute
A budding friendship or love
For the recluse
Too soon to tell
But that’s ok
He’s a nice guy
Under that shell
Do be aware not to hurt him
Or be warned to run like hell
I will stand back now
And leave it be
This thing called love
Friendship or energy


Dance amongst the Roses

Tomorrow I dance amongst the rose
My soul my spirit
I hope won’t expose
The buddhist temple
Laden with peace
My love I hope
He will release
These guarded walls
Will fall down to my feet
Love is the highest of highs
I would never mistreat
Come to me
Meet with me
On this birthday of mine
Release all the words
That bind within you and die
Alongside with me
As anew beginning starts
Amongst the roses
Mother nature’s art
They are tended with love
They are tended with care
Our souls our spirits
Come on will you dare .