White Knight

Laughs with ease

Dimples in cheeks

Smiles and pleases

To all the masses

He knows no fear

Solid as a rock

Mopping strangers tears

A little jig here

A rose for you there

The White Knight is busy

Fair maidens he cares

So bat those fake lashes

Shed foxy tears

Whenever the White Knight

Is heard and appears

If you’re in distress

Ask him any question

He’ll never digress

He craves women’s attention

He is called the White Knight

On his stallion he gallops

I’m sure he has pleased you

Did he sing you a ballad ?

So close

So close

Like the wind on my face

So close

Like the tear on my cheek

So close

When your hand brushed mine

So close

When your eyes locked on mine

So close

Like the bird in the air

So close

I wonder if you cared

So close

I can feel you near

So close

I tremble with fear

So close

I will be to you

So close

In dreams so true

So close

We speak the same

So close

Who was to blame

So close

I was to you

So close

My soul you saw through

So close

I saw disdain

So close

My hurt my pain

Remember to never forget …

I heard it

I heard it

I felt it

The first

Ice melt

What was it

Triggered it

Played it

Fiddled it

Release it

Stop it

Absorb it

Throw it

Forget it

It’s gone



Is gone

Face the sun

Up high

I’ll be watching

Your smile

Close your eyes

I’m there

Won’t be long

Do I dare

Smolder you muse

Where once there was heat

Only a cool blue

The door was once opened

Your words rang true

Someone is standing now

in the frame

Only a small thing

Loneliness she blamed

Was there a stoush

A blinding jolt

Did you wake

Like a lightening bolt

I will step back now

For this too she’ll cast

And wait in the shadows

Till the anger has passed

Your words are much needed

Your songs bring such joy

A muse you’ll be seeking

For words are your toy

Lock your thoughts in a room

Seek anger love and pain

Close your door from the world

Whilst outside it rains

The innocence you radiate

Your family approves

Insatiable desires

Have always been your muse


*whispers your name into the sky





Shards of heart

Your smile and eyes look upwards
Your gaze upon my shoulders
I wish you would look at me
And not think of another
Glass shatters
That faraway sound
Ice in my veins
Your heart she took
Whilst mine is shattered
In sharp pieces
Amongst my feet
I will glue it again and again
Put it together for in my bed
You lie every night
This heart of mine
Is together tonight


To stop
To breathe
To think
To see
To mull
To toss
To think
To gloss
Purse your lips
Heed a warning
Gut instinct
React and falling
Cushion the fly
Hesitate and breathe
Stop your talking
Safety trampoline


I am theĀ  moth I flutter towards you
Then away
Then before you
Each time flapping closer
Each time drawing back with
I breathe quickly and am sucked
Into your light
It’s so bright
With confusion I’m drawn closer
With the promise of renewal
With the promise of love

Waves of lust

Like waves the warmth rushes up my spine

and down into the depths of the darkest of tunnels.

Lightning flashes with heat and explosions of light.

Gasping for air. Keep breathing keep breathing.

Losing all senses but keeping the motions of the waves rolling in and out.

Breathing in and out.

I mustn’t lose consciousness

and remember, I am in control.