Time for a Change

But the change is here

New laws and boundaries

The change is near

Riots and destruction

Unfolding everywhere

Pickets and signs

Long unbrushed hair

Don’t look them in the eye

Please don’t you dare

They’ll hurt you command you

Kill you if you care

Nothing’s achieved by paying those men

To destroy others property

What now what then

I’m here to tell you

You’ll be found out I’m sure

The anger the hatred

The violence you lured

You cannot break LOVE


Nothing more to share

A heart is bare

For all to see

Including me

Private thoughts

Now stored away

You left the matrix

For quieter pastures

Never to hear

Your thoughts again

Only the music

Quiet the thread

We miss you so

Keep waiting but slow

To learn the truth

Will hurt not smooth

Bouncing about from one to the other

Still looking for your hearts’ lover


It is not you
That likes
Or writes
To whom
Have you given the power
To impersonate
To like and hate
She doesn’t write
Like you
A good mimick
But not true
Yes I saw right through
But you must have needed to
Relinquish the cyber world view
Or did we get to close
Like the petals of a rose
I hope you rest now
But please come back for Q & A time