Hear my heart

He sang the words

As they flowed from his heart to his lips

Made the motion of his anguished potion

Eyes closed

Brow furrowed

Hear my heart

He repeated more intensely

This time I see it in a mist

The words flowing from his heart circle his legs arms and wrists

Floating upwards through his chest shoulders and neck

Oh she’s a mess a wreck

Her own heart beats emphatically


His tone lowers

He takes a breathe and once more sings

Hear my heart

More crooning

No more fooling

This man’s in love

A falling dove

Sends her peace

She believes him

We all do

A silence falls across the room

And they disappear

Once more I shed a tear

Never have I seen

One so aloof yet distracted before

Knock on my door

Wanting more

Yet bring nothing to the table

Tell me fables

Caress me in ways

Like sun rays

Feeling good splashing kisses

Those I miss

End this tryst

You imagined for us

In God we trust

And left with nothing more to give

Hopes are sieved

Like sand and crashing waves

I walk away

It does take two to tango

Learn my lingo

Read my lips

Watch my hips

Swing in the opposite direction

Ignore you’re new election

To be crowned my king

So then where’s my bling

I’ve worked hard but there’s no thing

Just a sinking feeling

Skin peeling no more you

In we

Little snippets

Jiminy crickets

The sludge of poison

Her words of white noise is

Cruel with intention

Like water retention

Hurts to the core

Yet continues with more

Without her pills

She waits by the sill

Complains of cold feet

To all she meets

Her thoughts and desires

Has fooled thousands of squires

She now wears a crown

How did they allow

For the poisonous one

To rule the family and sons

The play

You say

Balls in my court

Or so I thought

Play the King Queen and Jack

Lay those cards down

Tip your hat

Messages missed

Air you’ve kissed

Words you wrote

Played and spoke

30 days

You’ve sung I’ve prayed

Almost near your guitar dropped

And locked

Last shows

And then it goes

All away

Say goodbyes but don’t think

The boats gonna sink

It’s the start of something

Palm lines and rings

Removed to lay your hat

And moods

With good intentions

Then no more mentions

Of how much longer

You’re no stronger

Than the rock above the glass

It will shatter

But that won’t matter

As finally you’ll be near


The bridge


Yours and mine

To cross with options

And that’s fine

The bridge infront

Words are blunt

Confused and flow

Emotions grow

The bridge helps us cross

Waters and rocks

Also strengthens

New starts and locks

In new paths

To help us move

Forward not back

But will I lack

What strength I need

Hold my hand and

Help me breathe

The dead rise

And so it begins

3 days 3 nights

Inhabiting those they love

Unawares the damage they cause

Whilst they walk amongst us again

The ring of fire is burning

The stars collide and turning

And beezlebub shakes and knows the stakes

Are being sharpened

But He is ascending

Minds blown and bending

As the dead join the army

Tis time

There is no more was just an illusion

Protrusion collusion

Created by man

Goodnight then and wake

To the New World

Where once was

A thought a pose a rose

We had to build a wall to block the noise

Coming from across the oceans

Stopping our vibrations

From intertwining a simple life

We were fine but now there’s no life

The veil that envelopes us

Choking us

Comes from the country of the free

But in actuality it isn’t you see

From whenst their young ones

Are babes out of cradles taught to perform

For one another but not to search for the other flame

So who is to blame

The mother who was a bother

It comes to light

It was their fight a shotgun wedding

A babe was born

And now he is alone reaching out for what who knows

The fame that never came

I sure hope he finds the spark

Then leaves us to be simple again

Tread softly your words are being read

Then maybe she will see red

A liar in the house

Small like a mouse

But larger than the Krause

Will come undone

And like her daughter who left the son

Of a mother’s number one

She too pretends to be blue

Yet follows you to find yr clues

And tears you down

Smothers you takes your breath

Whatever for the hue is red

Cannot find those that tread

Softly behind amongst the fog

Just like a puppy dog

There are those that will see through the Liar s

The crow

She is black sleek and shiny

Her eyes are black beady and tiny

Yet all her words ring true ever so blue

Fast and furious flapping her wings and so she strings

All those that admire although are tired

Listen and smile whilst file away all for another day

So now I’ll pray she will heal and peel

The truth behind the manic squawk and plunging like a hawk