Red and raw

Train track flaw

Another pain

Going insane

Healing time

Another rhyme

Feeling blue

Time standing still

Smile diminish

Friendship finished

Couldn’t wait

Gone in haste

Patience a virtue

Body now your curfew

Tired and sore

Mind implores

Sit still and heal

Scream high and shrill

Fix what’s lost

At whatever the cost

Your you

I want to climb into your throat

Where the sound is

Where you gloat

I want to slide down your tube

To your lungs

Your heart your shoes

I want To get into your skin

Feel your sinews

Your bones your shins

I want to see through you

See your images

Your views your hues

But most of all

I want to be you

Your everything your genius you

So let me into your bubble

Your space your sky

Your vision your Hubble

No more planes trips to you

It’s time to extend me into your blue

I want to end this chain to you

This metal of hope

You’ve linked of glue

Time is but a blink of an eye

This awakening of hope

Was just a lie


Today the wind howls

Dust in my eyes

Tears rolling

So many lies

I’ve forgotten something

Hair whips me

Leaves rustling

Hard to breathe

Headache coming

Try to look up

I’ve forgotten something

Broken cup

Fell out of my hand

This morning

After her call

Eyes now burning

Trees swaying

Tips touching the ground

Leaves swirling

Mind in a bound

What did I forget

I would soon regret

A vision of you

What is the date

Myself I hate

You I had forgotten

Whilst laughing at videos

Sad am I now

But will cover it up

A better place you are

away from these lies

Don’t worry

I’ll still look after her

And her children

I promise you