I forgive you

But why should I care

When I have

Nothing left to spare

Nor would I even dare

You are leaving

With no remorse or despair

Are there words to change your mind

Or your cold stare

I’m broken up inside

Feeling pain I just can’t hide

In a moment you are gone

Just like this sad sad song

I’ll forgive you

If we give it one more try

I promise not to cry

And leave it there

Will you hold me

Say we will be fine

Words that will not rhyme

As you close the door behind you

One last time …..



Always the friend

A little like the bridesmaid

But never the bride

Chase never to be had

Yet breadcrumbs leave a trail for who?

Signals always flashing

For the led lights are always red

Shoulders are soft yet strong

But only used to carry the burden

Smile misread for friends

And only used to cheer you up

Eyes forever lowered

So the heart shan’t peak beyond eyelashes

Voice always quivers

But whispers words to set the tone

Blame I have only me

it’s easier than to hurt again

She’s like the sun

Her coronal mass ejections

Drew you to her

Without thought and feeling

Her warmth and magnetic pull

Was what you needed to feel

Whole again. Her brightness

Unwavering steadfast gaze

You had no choice

But you missed it.

You missed the coronal holes

The black missing chunks

Created by every disappointment

Heartbreak and lies told to her

One more wrongdoing could burn the sun out

Listen to the mass ejections you may hear

Her cries for the one true love

The promise of centuries and eons before

He will return in this life for her yet chose to be with another

So everyday she rises spins and omits her warmth knowing she has no choice

But to carry on. For many are dependent on her

Until her spark returns no more….

So close

So close

Like the wind on my face

So close

Like the tear on my cheek

So close

When your hand brushed mine

So close

When your eyes locked on mine

So close

Like the bird in the air

So close

I wonder if you cared

So close

I can feel you near

So close

I tremble with fear

So close

I will be to you

So close

In dreams so true

So close

We speak the same

So close

Who was to blame

So close

I was to you

So close

My soul you saw through

So close

I saw disdain

So close

My hurt my pain

Remember to never forget …

Just Say it

What shall I pen

On this whiteboard of life

The mistakes made or

The love of my life

The pain within

That tortures my soul

Deep in the black

Psychedelic hole

A conundrum of writings

Each a short story

I wish to not bore

Only excite you with flurry

Paint you a picture

Of colours and hues

Words to delight

Give you pleasure then blue

So why is the whiteboard

Still blank and snow white

Where is the rainbow

Cursive words to ignite

The pictures within you

To outstretch your hand

Reach for my fingers

Lift me up to your land

Of visions within you

Where my words will ring true

Resonate deep in

Your soul and heart through

But maybe I’m waiting

For you to go first

Words I will drink

With hunger and thirst

So this whiteboard remains

A blank masterpiece

Still waiting for you

Until then I will cease


It’s so quiet

you’ve gone

A chemical


My addiction

Your voice

My addiction

My choice

Cells dancing


Common sense


The only thing

I enjoy

Another hit

Bring me up

Elevate me

Blowing up

Mind reeling

Loose control

Like a comet

Or asteroid

Then crash

Leaves a hole

You’ve hit my high

Now low

Another fix

Is what I need

My insatiable

You Feed

Rehab is what

I need

The last time

Well my friend
The end is near
Tomorrow will be
The last time I will hear
Your voice so perfect
I love you, yes love
Sends me soaring
Up and above
To another level
A private universe
Where noone else
Can touch us
But only love
I will immerse
For without it this world
Is forgotten and doomed
Where once someone told me
Start living or entombed
Forever to walk like the living dead
But little does he know
I go into my head
With the clearing of my mind
Only your voice do I hear
Those beautiful tones
The passion,  the glee
I know all your truth is not written
in  song
But there must be a seed
Tell me am I wrong
Like the seedling it grows
Reaching up to the light
With outstretched green foliage
What a beautiful sight
And into the perfect plant it will be
Forever seeking truth of love
Light and free
To move as I wish
Wont be long now I know
Deep in my heart
The first seed that was sown
There is not much time
With every breath that I take
I thank you for your songs
Now my body starts to ache
With the black inside of me
Once again they have found
that black mass has presented
In the background
Will take over the blue
But that is ok
For without your voice
I would be in my grave
A second chance was given
A third am I right
To do as I wish
Break away from my fright
And fear holds me back
For the pure only know
These man made shackles
That are chained to my soul
To stop me from being
Awake and free
To stop me from throwing away
My family
When I will die
I will protect from above
My electricity you’ll feel
Like the white of a dove
But for now tomorrow
I will see you again
From afar I will smile
And know this my friend
I have loved you before
In a life past and gone
I have loved you today
From the day I was born




I float
This way and that
I float
Towards you
Slide like a cat
You come closer
I shake
What to say
All hopes of a coherant sentence
You look you stare you inhale
Eyes widen a smile prevails
You recognise my words eyes and hue
There’ll be not another you

*remember to breathe



To wait
To conjure
Thoughts spiral
Terra conquered
You have power
Of words
I mastered
The hurt
I asked
You gave
Selfish I am
You prayed
For us all
You spill
Blood and tears
Your will
Had a break
To connect
To people you love
As above
Always right
Sometimes wrong
Out of sight
In a song
Your stories
You belong
To all
She tied you
With her quill
Then takes
Many pills
Never forget
How close we came
To entwine
Electric shock
Never to be
On a rock
I watch the waves
Rolling in
To jump now
Is a sin
Oceans of blue
You are my love
My colour my hue


Smolder you muse

Where once there was heat

Only a cool blue

The door was once opened

Your words rang true

Someone is standing now

in the frame

Only a small thing

Loneliness she blamed

Was there a stoush

A blinding jolt

Did you wake

Like a lightening bolt

I will step back now

For this too she’ll cast

And wait in the shadows

Till the anger has passed

Your words are much needed

Your songs bring such joy

A muse you’ll be seeking

For words are your toy

Lock your thoughts in a room

Seek anger love and pain

Close your door from the world

Whilst outside it rains

The innocence you radiate

Your family approves

Insatiable desires

Have always been your muse


*whispers your name into the sky