Older bolder

Wiser Colder

That shade of blue

Envelopes you

Triggers you have

Red green hues

Salted words

Sugary thoughts

Peppered and marred

Emotionally scarred

Put on hold

The family charred

He pushed boundaries

A young girl she is

As old as the hills

He bedded she

The truth was revealed

With wide eyed intentions

The young man hid well

The young girl’s discretions

Unfortunate for all

The lie then appeared

A red rose presented

What does this all mean

The sniggers the whispers

The voices and slippers

As glass is fragile

So is the mistress

Well here I am

With open arms

Six words to make your heart race

No steady pace

To hold and embrace

Letting all walls down

All fears drown

Just the sound of two hearts

Coming together

Just now. Maybe forever

As I come to you

With open arms

Steve sings he knows

The innocence and vulnerability

This song holds and shows

Believe when I say

This love is here to stay

Open Arms

Thank you Mr Perry

The mimic

Tries her lyrics

But little did she know

The tales were lies

Said your spies

Whilst others told so and so

Thought she knew

The thoughts of Blue

Then started her tales of few

Left her man

He was a ham

But a good man said all he knew

Now I digress

In her white dress

Her lover used her too

Not for her words

Her beauty nor charm

For that she lacked in too

Her lover the poet

As we know it

Sent her back home again

West over oceans

On his island

Grew weary quickly friend

The mimics man

Stretched out his hand

Took her back again

Her minds not one

No not a pun

The madness flows from her pen

I had the pleasure

For she had measured

Entrusted me with her affairs

Whilst I listened

As she glistened

With promised love and royalties too

Said your words

Her story blurs

Was all written now here’s a clue

Others enfold her

And never scold her

she mimics the words of others

But then there’s another

A mother a lover

Whom craves the poet’s attention

She also mimics

Frolicks and turns tricks

But her words are like fluid retention

All bottled within

Under her skin

She’s bursting at the seams

Watching the fire

A boy you sired

Latched onto him as he streams

I sit on my throne

But never condone

The pettiness and lies they tell

They mimic the one

Think they have won

Yet he still sees Her and longs to set sail


You’re an enigma to me

One two three

Happy today

Cheerful and gay

Disappearing tomorrow

With all your sorrow

Finish these words

Flying like birds

Gather and nest

Sleep now just rest

Gather your strength

A long travel and send

Them all packing

They’re heavy and flacking

Here’s the spark you need

Inhale and breath

It’s only two weeks

If it’s freedom you seek

Go on just do it

You’re muse you won’t lose it

Imagine if…

Love is what brings me to my knees

The Holy Ghost one two three

Religion commands my soul

We’re all stuck in a fish bowl

But what if this all ain’t true

They’ve killed the masses once we’re through

For a purpose to which is untold

Lookup the skies seek and behold

The glow is getting brighter

A star so big so strong a fighter

Knocking all in it’s way

A knight so bright all it slays

So grab your freedom and all you love

Almighty God help all the doves

The prophet he shall return

All that’s evil he will burn

Imagine if all that’s true

Was a lie what a shame I’m blue….

A liar has moved in

I’ve known for a little while now

Oh how she cries like a cat meows

When hungry and won’t let up

Always taunting hey what’s up

The fake ness is overbearing

Her lying and her sharing

Of stories old and boring

Move on he yells whilst snoring

Change your tune little one

As the the fight has not been won

Yes his attention to you ruffled feathers

So sorry to hear you didn’t take the weather

Indeed he mentions others too

But really the glass slipper is not your shoe

It belongs to his queen

Who’s hardly seen

So I forgive you for thinking he was alone

As you see you’ve been fooled

Like a dog with a bone


Red and raw

Train track flaw

Another pain

Going insane

Healing time

Another rhyme

Feeling blue

Time standing still

Smile diminish

Friendship finished

Couldn’t wait

Gone in haste

Patience a virtue

Body now your curfew

Tired and sore

Mind implores

Sit still and heal

Scream high and shrill

Fix what’s lost

At whatever the cost


To stop
To breathe
To think
To see
To mull
To toss
To think
To gloss
Purse your lips
Heed a warning
Gut instinct
React and falling
Cushion the fly
Hesitate and breathe
Stop your talking
Safety trampoline