To stop
To breathe
To think
To see
To mull
To toss
To think
To gloss
Purse your lips
Heed a warning
Gut instinct
React and falling
Cushion the fly
Hesitate and breathe
Stop your talking
Safety trampoline


I am the  moth I flutter towards you
Then away
Then before you
Each time flapping closer
Each time drawing back with
I breathe quickly and am sucked
Into your light
It’s so bright
With confusion I’m drawn closer
With the promise of renewal
With the promise of love

Waves of lust

Like waves the warmth rushes up my spine

and down into the depths of the darkest of tunnels.

Lightning flashes with heat and explosions of light.

Gasping for air. Keep breathing keep breathing.

Losing all senses but keeping the motions of the waves rolling in and out.

Breathing in and out.

I mustn’t lose consciousness

and remember, I am in control.