Holiday campers

Bread and dampers

The smell of bbq cooking

Children playing

Laughter arms flailing

Bikes and parents knooking

Work commences

Schools and census

Life resumes again

Bills received

Mortgages flood in

Then couples Argue again

Oh to be free

Like the flies and the bees

Floating here and there

Life is so hard

Tired and charred

Of working life living life and hurdles

Tears flow easy

No reason needed

Mental anguish is known intimately

Stars didn’t align

It was all just a mime

Heading nowhere

Meaning nothing

Stars in the Milky Way

TORN apart

By the man made projector

On the big screen

Playing with the energy

Sought to believe in

Nothing left to chance

Crashing and burning

Into the depths

Where one can only explain as Hell

Let’s create a New World

A new start

A new Earth

By splitting those atoms

No not in Love

Just torn apart

The light went out

The day you said enough

I’m sorry I didn’t know

That life for you was tough

Your smile those dimples deep

Eyes brown closed now you sleep

Forever a light went out

Your moods your thoughts you shout

But something in you died

The songs you wrote I cried

For love you felt was more

Than other poets who soared

Did you want to hurt

Those you sought more from

Or were you tired of life

You died and cut like a knife

Those whom loved you most

They now understand

You were a passionate

Moody man

For Paolo

The mimic

Tries her lyrics

But little did she know

The tales were lies

Said your spies

Whilst others told so and so

Thought she knew

The thoughts of Blue

Then started her tales of few

Left her man

He was a ham

But a good man said all he knew

Now I digress

In her white dress

Her lover used her too

Not for her words

Her beauty nor charm

For that she lacked in too

Her lover the poet

As we know it

Sent her back home again

West over oceans

On his island

Grew weary quickly friend

The mimics man

Stretched out his hand

Took her back again

Her minds not one

No not a pun

The madness flows from her pen

I had the pleasure

For she had measured

Entrusted me with her affairs

Whilst I listened

As she glistened

With promised love and royalties too

Said your words

Her story blurs

Was all written now here’s a clue

Others enfold her

And never scold her

she mimics the words of others

But then there’s another

A mother a lover

Whom craves the poet’s attention

She also mimics

Frolicks and turns tricks

But her words are like fluid retention

All bottled within

Under her skin

She’s bursting at the seams

Watching the fire

A boy you sired

Latched onto him as he streams

I sit on my throne

But never condone

The pettiness and lies they tell

They mimic the one

Think they have won

Yet he still sees Her and longs to set sail

A good night’s sleep

Was all you needed

To lift you up

And create the bleeding

Of words to flow

The ebb and the sow

The fuse for the spark

The sound of the lark

Creating the music

The tune for

The lucid

Music comes first

But not always the way

Remember the moment

Was it words or the lament

Let yourself go

Close your eyes see the glow

Of words hear them now

Your muse you have found

Breathe in

The salt air

Wish I was there

To blow you away

With things

You will say

From your heart

There is true art….

The brain

Is a funny thing

The way it splits in two

I wonder if

Down deep inside

Two personalities

Not one is true

Man made us believe

In good and bad

To seperate the few

But what if

Reality is false

And delusion

Is the real cue

We’ve been taught

The brain rules the roost

The heart is meant to follow

But if there are

Two paths to take

Which one will lead

To sorrow

So here I tell

You of my thoughts

Facebook Instagram

And twitter too

Are all but one part

Of the brain

The other is the real you

So Mish mash them both

Roll them out

Which one is

The true blue ?

Another birthday

Draws near to end

Great news yesterday

The money now spent

Working hard

COVID no end

Will this BS

Ever end

Cake tonight

Almond surrounds

Italian flavours

Soft sponge custard creams

Remind me of childhood

Innocent dreams

Yearning for yesterday

Gone forever

Hopes for this girl

To suffer never

Familiar wrinkles

Smiling dimples

Eyes that glisten blue and bright

Finish your sentence

Thoughts are blending

Into the darkness of the night

When we meet

Hearts that beat

In sync as eyes lock again

Dancing minds

Ideas and rhymes

As we meld again my friend

Thank you for your visit this morn

It meant the world to me

Shocked at first I was of course

But then remembered to breathe

I recognised the hat

As my Nonno had the same

The mask you wore of average cloth

The lips beneath abate

Eyes lowered but filled with thoughts

We recognised at once

It felt like years have passed and dreams have stopped

But it’s only been a few months

Thank you for filling my senses

Just like Annie’s Song

You heal me and love me more than words

Tell me I’m not wrong

I’ve missed you so…. and prayed forever

You’ve come again in my need

How do you know Is it my quiet

That leads you to come sought me?

How deep

The depths of your love

Knows no end

Encased in all that’s pure

Regardless how it ends

There is no beginning

Nor shall ever stop

For I shall always bask

In your glow it envelopes me

Healing me through and through

Ridding me of all that is blue

These times are so tempestuous

But I can always depend

On your love for me

There it never bends

I’m always in your debt

For you are my friend

This I’ll never regret

For I love you and love to love

As a circle with no end