Cement in my heart

I was shocked

Disbelief and rocked

Shattered and torn

To love or burn

Ashes and betrayed

Our love now frayed

My heart sank

Left the banks

Into the ocean

Waves pulled out

Undertow dragged

She bragged and bragged

Cement in my heart

Tore us apart

Heavy as lead

Into your bed

So young and pretty

My heart is graffitied

Her words of lust

Disease like rust

She’ll drain your attention

The promise of ascension

Lies are told

Hearts are sold


I wasn’t there to hold your hand

And walk you through the dark

I wasn’t there to kiss the tear

That fell into the night

The grief drew you into the blue

Shattered your heart and soul

You lost a man a hero and friend

Through age and in time grew old

I know your pain I know your sorrow

Time passes it doesn’t go away

I promise you my heart and soul

Things with time get better

You will love you will laugh

Your eyes will glisten hues

With joy and sadness there will be gladness

And some frolicking too

For now accept my viral words

Of love and caresses too

Feel the warmth surrounding you

Of many whom know sorrow of blue

Carry your twin

The wind blows your name to the listening leaves

The leaves swirl and twirl in the wind with glee

The bark sits heavily glistening in the sun

The rain falls softly singing you’re my number one

The day turns into night with numbing pain

The night turns to day again and again

The wrinkles form on lips so quickly crease the mouth

In a downward pose until the laughter comes

Yet again you breached forward and left it all behind

Not a care for those whispering the twins name into the fire

The wildest of dreams

‘Tis true as the story goes

Never in my wildest of dreams

Standing alone on the foreshore

Connected by a static beam

Blue and white crackle and pop

But hatred for me it seems

You terrorise shake up rattle and roll

Then whisper sweet nothings my dear

So tender one minute and angry the next

I mask my god foresaken fear

Yet a victim professes only love and devotes

Their heart to always be near

I don’t idolise procrastinate whip lashings and such

Just to listen then just to grieve

So tell me why me what have I done

You have chosen to mock, be a bitter pill

When only defend honor fight for and shield

Joan would have been proud to the fill

Do I lay down my sword

Tell me my friend

Never follow you to the ends

The ball is now bouncing in your court

No more no more hurt

Cut the chord the tune the blue melody hue

The tune you and I Wounds open and bled

A little ditty for your tune

Here she goes again

Here she goes again oh oh oh

Falling swaying twirling oh oh oh oh

That sinking feeling oh oh oh oh

You’ve been there once before

You’ve been there once before

The pulling undertow

The pulling undertow

The crash and the burn

The crash and the burn

The nothing left to say

She’s left her body sways

The promises you made

The fabric as it frays

Just ashes on the floor

Go running for the door

Vacant eyes

Searching the room

The promises she made

A good thing she just blew

Here she goes again

Falling swaying twirling

That sinking feeling

You’ve been there once before

You’ve been there once before

Go running for the door

Go running for the door

Don’t want to

Don’t want to

Bleeding words forevermore

Don’t want to

Don’t want to


There she goes

Eyes roll back

The words she lacks

So close

So close

Like the wind on my face

So close

Like the tear on my cheek

So close

When your hand brushed mine

So close

When your eyes locked on mine

So close

Like the bird in the air

So close

I wonder if you cared

So close

I can feel you near

So close

I tremble with fear

So close

I will be to you

So close

In dreams so true

So close

We speak the same

So close

Who was to blame

So close

I was to you

So close

My soul you saw through

So close

I saw disdain

So close

My hurt my pain

Remember to never forget …

My Papa

It’s been 10 years

Since you took your last breath

So many unspoken words

sad memories you left

I wish how I wish

I had been stronger with you

And defied your reasonings

Of no medicine you choose

You’ve missed your grandchildren’s

Graduations and plays

You’ve missed youngest daughter

Is starting to grey

We’re wrinkling and sagging in places

And parts

We’re growing old without you

All seemingly apart

The circle was broken

The only kindness we knew

That wretched woman

Is still alive

And still without a clue

Your eldest grandchild has

Your heart of gold

He’ll soon be leaving for

America so bold

I wish you were here

To soften the blows

To hold my hand as I too

Grow old

Just Say it

What shall I pen

On this whiteboard of life

The mistakes made or

The love of my life

The pain within

That tortures my soul

Deep in the black

Psychedelic hole

A conundrum of writings

Each a short story

I wish to not bore

Only excite you with flurry

Paint you a picture

Of colours and hues

Words to delight

Give you pleasure then blue

So why is the whiteboard

Still blank and snow white

Where is the rainbow

Cursive words to ignite

The pictures within you

To outstretch your hand

Reach for my fingers

Lift me up to your land

Of visions within you

Where my words will ring true

Resonate deep in

Your soul and heart through

But maybe I’m waiting

For you to go first

Words I will drink

With hunger and thirst

So this whiteboard remains

A blank masterpiece

Still waiting for you

Until then I will cease


Red and raw

Train track flaw

Another pain

Going insane

Healing time

Another rhyme

Feeling blue

Time standing still

Smile diminish

Friendship finished

Couldn’t wait

Gone in haste

Patience a virtue

Body now your curfew

Tired and sore

Mind implores

Sit still and heal

Scream high and shrill

Fix what’s lost

At whatever the cost


Nothing more to share

A heart is bare

For all to see

Including me

Private thoughts

Now stored away

You left the matrix

For quieter pastures

Never to hear

Your thoughts again

Only the music

Quiet the thread

We miss you so

Keep waiting but slow

To learn the truth

Will hurt not smooth

Bouncing about from one to the other

Still looking for your hearts’ lover