When is my girl coming home

A little girl
No can’t be I wirled
She kicked with a vengeance
And turns with no penance
A punch over here
Get me out I hear
For my belly grew bigger
Whilst the babe climbed like a rigger
Up into my chest
Never to rest
9 months I carried you
Whilst you burped and cooed
Tonight my heart broke
You laughed like I joked
I cried you did not ring
Whilst you continued to sing
I fretted all night
We’re you in a fight?
No text no sound
Your phone on silent mode
Were you in a gutter
Killed by a nutter
I could not sleep
But continued to weep
I must now let you go
So you will now grow
Into a lady you’ll be
A fierce one I see
A heart of pure gold
Cold yellow and bold


What’s up

Early to bed
To clear the head
A fog and a haze
For many a days
Could have been years
Didn’t use my ears
To listen and nurture
Our mother nature
Is choking and dying
Whilst many are sighing
The trees turning brown
Falling leaves hit the ground
Birds fall from the skies
Children rubbing their eyes
Allergies bring on sneezes
Old man is wheezing
Planes overhead
White smoke now I dread
Smoke turns into a cloud
Bees buzzing around
Lost in direction
Deserving a mention
Fish swimming to land
Dying on the hot sand
Who are the dredgers
Of sand they make riches
I bow to noone
Nor money only LOVE
And now I will sleep
For mother Earth I weep


Sun oh sun

You have changed
More whiter than white
As a babe you were
Yellow and bright
Are you burning
Slowly out of sight
We crave you oh
Great star
in the heavens
Your warmth
Your heat your rays
Almost flourescent
The birds sing you into the morn
Don’t ever leave us
Sad and forlorn
The trees sway to your glow
And leave shadows
Dancing on the grass
On hills and meadows
Cows moo in song
Roosters are never wrong
When you rise into the blue
We rise too
But didn’t we know
Gas are you
Nothing is for eternity
We must realise this
Plan accordingly
The sun is my bliss


Should’ve listened

I love how you dance
With your words of romance
Roll of your tongue
Making me feel
Always your one
Every word
Every hint
Is it real
Or a stint
Yes you’re the man
With clout and hints
Listen you say
Listen to me
I’ll lift you up
To heaven you see
I came to this terra
In a light filled with blue
To teach and empower
You all to be good



Illusion of Him

Were you an illusion

Complete in seclusion
A little island
An intrusion
Into my domed world
Moisture in air
Waves crashing my lair
My soul I did bare
The world saw you perform
Amulets adorned
Weathered rocks bore
Your footprints
Into my breath
Sandalwood scent
Evokes images of
Lost souls walking
Looking and talking
For red everywhere
Dark heavens above
Falling angels to serve
Love and not hate
World has now lost
All that was given
Now he will confiscate
Dark angel is running
There is no place to hide
Your power is lost
Give up all you keep
For light you should seek
You are not king
Never were you broken wing
Always were just a pawn
In his game of lovelorn
For today on your knees
If you wish the Golden Keys

Ravings of a crazy moon

too early go back to sleep
Cold still night
So tired could wheep
Winter solstice
Crosses and charms
Longer days
Longer nights
Welcome to new beginnings
Meteors crashing
Ears ringing
Earth is tilting
Earth is flat
Who told me this
Must be a quack
Words and music
Floating above my bed
Or was it imaginings
In my head
Smiling and chit chat
Will follow
But for now
Fill that hollow
Those three words
So easily written
Harder to say
But now totally smitten
Close my eyes now
Count to ten
Visions of you
Blessed again

Society’s opinions and impressions

Politically correct 

Society’s upset

Rascism exists

Verbal risks

Judgemental creatures 

Human’s features

Switch it on

Flick it off

Stand back and watch 

Another kick in crotch

Liars and cheats

Strong hold

On beliefs

I’m so mellow

Children of gables

Watch and learn

Words do burn

Truancy adults

Humanly faults

Where is the line

Can’t underline 

What’s good for the goose

Is not good for the gander

How Judgemental you are 

This I wonder

* for the judges of this life

Smolder you muse

Where once there was heat

Only a cool blue

The door was once opened

Your words rang true

Someone is standing now

in the frame

Only a small thing

Loneliness she blamed

Was there a stoush

A blinding jolt

Did you wake

Like a lightening bolt

I will step back now

For this too she’ll cast

And wait in the shadows

Till the anger has passed

Your words are much needed

Your songs bring such joy

A muse you’ll be seeking

For words are your toy

Lock your thoughts in a room

Seek anger love and pain

Close your door from the world

Whilst outside it rains

The innocence you radiate

Your family approves

Insatiable desires

Have always been your muse


*whispers your name into the sky





The writer

Thank you 

For your gift of words
Your shower of truth
the songs of birds
Your pen of life
The letters of love
Cuts like a knife
Heart swells with light
Sees me through
the night
The wants you ask
I wish to please
Your gaze your smile
I’m on my knees
The visions you conjure
The sun you bask
Your skin translucent
Soft rugged and weathered
Feelings you swirl
Deep within
Many a heart
Truly blessed
with the gab and the gift
Of writing your truth
Dreams on waves adrift
floating and spinning
Round and round
Your next truth I wait
Holding breath
And spellbound



Just space
No words
No trace
Pursed lips
Blank eyes
No noise
Silent tongue
Still mind
Swaying trees
No breeze
GoneNo sun

Only one
No song