Pink Bubbles

Tickle my nose
Smooth I suppose
Play with my repose
My vision is blurred
Emotions are stirred
Happiness sinks
Of you I thinks
Letting my mind go
Eyes of blue so slow
Smiling at me
Let me believe
You’re waiting for me
Playing havoc you see
You used me to fly
Amongst the birds so high
But that’s ok
I’ll always pray
For your happiness you see
So just love me
From afar that’s ok
I can feel you say
I love you too
Oh heart of Blue 💙



The Spark

Well there it was
And here it will be
The option in time
Again I will see
12 months to the day
When the spark hit me
Two jabs to the heart
To never be free
Over the oceans
To the sandy shores
Where rising waters
Waves crash to the fore
On wings and a prayer
I will come to thee
Your call of my soul
It’s running to bleed
Every ounce every drop
Is yours for the taking
To feed you my soul
To stop you from aching
I will run to your arms
They will embrace all the blue
End all the misery
Of missing you
So there it was
And here is now
That one bright light
I shone from the crowd

Of a little island, if you recall …




I see I’ve been replaced
By one without haste
Your poems of war
Were so cute
A budding friendship or love
For the recluse
Too soon to tell
But that’s ok
He’s a nice guy
Under that shell
Do be aware not to hurt him
Or be warned to run like hell
I will stand back now
And leave it be
This thing called love
Friendship or energy



It is not you
That likes
Or writes
To whom
Have you given the power
To impersonate
To like and hate
She doesn’t write
Like you
A good mimick
But not true
Yes I saw right through
But you must have needed to
Relinquish the cyber world view
Or did we get to close
Like the petals of a rose
I hope you rest now
But please come back for Q & A time

A wish came true

Well it finally happened

Wishes do come true

I asked he listened

Like a bird I flew

The world shook

The planets crashed

Wings outstretched and up

Into the sun a smile so wide

And in my throat a lump

Tears of joy

Shocked and overwhelmed

You agreed to follow me

But now my thoughts are sad and blue

For reality there will stand three


Dance amongst the Roses

Tomorrow I dance amongst the rose
My soul my spirit
I hope won’t expose
The buddhist temple
Laden with peace
My love I hope
He will release
These guarded walls
Will fall down to my feet
Love is the highest of highs
I would never mistreat
Come to me
Meet with me
On this birthday of mine
Release all the words
That bind within you and die
Alongside with me
As anew beginning starts
Amongst the roses
Mother nature’s art
They are tended with love
They are tended with care
Our souls our spirits
Come on will you dare .




I float
This way and that
I float
Towards you
Slide like a cat
You come closer
I shake
What to say
All hopes of a coherant sentence
You look you stare you inhale
Eyes widen a smile prevails
You recognise my words eyes and hue
There’ll be not another you

*remember to breathe



Red wine full bodied
So silky red
The colour of blood
A slit that bled
I  sip it feels cool
Sitting on my tongue
A tease as it glides
Down my throat past my lung
That elated feeling
One glass then two
A meal seems much better
Even if burnt or feeling blue
Glass three gives you courage
Where before words failed you
Feeling like a lioness
All walls I lose
The pain in my legs melt
And muscles relax
The pain in my back
Gone for now yackity yack
Feel like I’m swimming
And ears ringing too
So why do I feel
Still feeling so blue
Was it the package
That never arrived
Was it the celibacy
I promised my guide
I should feel so lucky
My family I love
I should feel like flying
Above it all like a dove
It’s the soul my half misses
The soul that has clicked
The soul that’s forgotten
Lost soul you are missed
What, who, where, why, how
Do you know
Are we all looking to wine
For that iridescent glow
I know  I drink wine
But should be ever so careful
My mother a drunk
Bred children was neglectful
I turned to the church
A nun should’ve been
My life to my God
Would’ve lived so serene
So now I count on you
My dear wine
My old friend
To release me from this world
To help me go to my bed



To wait
To conjure
Thoughts spiral
Terra conquered
You have power
Of words
I mastered
The hurt
I asked
You gave
Selfish I am
You prayed
For us all
You spill
Blood and tears
Your will
Had a break
To connect
To people you love
As above
Always right
Sometimes wrong
Out of sight
In a song
Your stories
You belong
To all
She tied you
With her quill
Then takes
Many pills
Never forget
How close we came
To entwine
Electric shock
Never to be
On a rock
I watch the waves
Rolling in
To jump now
Is a sin
Oceans of blue
You are my love
My colour my hue


She’s gone

Your arms are holding her
As she lies lifeless and still
Looking down at her eyelids
Where moments before there was thrill
Red warm sticky substance
Spills from an open wound
Staining her silk scarf
Now totally ruined
Laughing and joking as you both
Leave the theatre
Was only two weeks ago
You promised eachother
To have and to hold
Until death do you part
Wiping the tears
As her spirit departs
You look up to see
the silver sedan
But through your anguish
A memory is harpin
An angry female driver
Is standing by her door
A flash of recognition
Like never before
Why did you leave me
For her she shrilled
You could’ve stopped this
I wouldn’t have killed
You look down at your love
A quote you remember
Hell hath no fury
You remember last September
The woman looking at you
Is thin and withdrawn
The woman you hold
Her glow is now gone
Her breast does not heave
Like once before
Blue and red lights
Flashing are now before
As you stand your head swims
A ball is forming in your gut
Now you heave
You scream at the lady
But no voice leaves
The uniformed men
Cuff her as she reefs
You want her dead
You run towards
A uniformed man stops
You wish you had a sword
Back to the body lying
On the ground
You shake and shudder
Suddenly a faraway sound
Wake up martin
You will be late
Jumping out of bed
Thanking God her fate
Is to still be alive and
Ever so beautiful
You kiss her good morning and
Move to the window
Look out at the sun
And slide open the glass
Outside is a silver car
Still and parked