Blue is you

Your eyes so true

Your heart it beats red through and through

The light so bright

see me in you

I’m blessed I love

The words mirror in you

The magic is there

I will help you through

Breathe in my love

Raise it high

Together again

Souls in the sky

Nor space or time

Extinguished the spark

I hear your calls

Soon in the dark


Black magic

In love and war casualties a must

But who or what can we trust

Witches and warlocks elves and pigmies

Are some of the few circling thee

You lust for the new to fuel your breath

Heart is a pumping within your breast

The silver key of darkness and triangular top

Eye within eye all sight was lost

Hear them all crying moaning and hurt

The soldier of height has fallen from his hearth

A long haired white witch has joined her crew

You were her gremlin her soldier of blue

Never was a white witch for the story is written

Of black she was always but now you are bitten

Do not listen the fruits of loin has a plan

To rock you of your pedestal and drop you where you stand

The demons and warlocks of black magic dance around

The contract was written hear them scream blood is found

Instincts are powerful so listen to them

Not the voice of the loins but a friend of a friend.

Release yourself

Is it she

That wants to be free

Why do you hold

Onto love forlorn

So many times

So many rhymes

All is lost when babe is born

The demand to listen

A dew drop glistens

Beware the tempestuous storm

Of love and like

Hopped on a bike

For another she is drawn

Up high in the tree

leaves drop beneath

Let the babe go

It’s time for he

A father is thee

Move on he should know

Don’t be shy

And don’t you lie

It’s ok to search for love

Another muse

Held your glance and bemused

So fly be free white dove

Your you

I want to climb into your throat

Where the sound is

Where you gloat

I want to slide down your tube

To your lungs

Your heart your shoes

I want To get into your skin

Feel your sinews

Your bones your shins

I want to see through you

See your images

Your views your hues

But most of all

I want to be you

Your everything your genius you

So let me into your bubble

Your space your sky

Your vision your Hubble

No more planes trips to you

It’s time to extend me into your blue

I want to end this chain to you

This metal of hope

You’ve linked of glue

Time is but a blink of an eye

This awakening of hope

Was just a lie

The Lamb

I don’t mind

I really don’t

My blood for yours

Hang with a rope

It’s time to end

Their hurtful tirade

The witch the warlock

The cut with a blade

It wasn’t your fault

I was to blame

Ignited their anger

Put fuel on their flame

So let it go

Keep doing your thing

Unless of course

It wasn’t your thing


What is it you crave

A word a phrase

A pumpkin orange haze

A misty eyed glaze

A purpose in life

A woman in strife

A bed to sleep in

A very strong gin

A soft and supple lump

An old man slumped

Your words ring true

Of bruises black and blue

Rock and roll fame

Or just someone to blame

Is it love you seek

A photo was leaked

American dreams

Laser light beams

Then once you are through

Will you still be blue ?

The pain is you

Oh dreaded night

You are upon me

So quick you come

But linger on

No sleep for me

I count and bleed

From every wound

Internally doomed

Opened the chest

Below my breast

Your silver key

Was the master three


You’ve Recently closed

Unplugged just gone

Lost connection

No light shone

Out of reach

Out of sight

Into the darkness

Out of the light

Did you wish to end it

With all your might

We’ve been tricked

By the oceans bight

A spark to ignite

The fury caused

Create divisions

Between the groups

Just an incision

That won’t be stitched

And can’t be fixed

Not who you are

So near yet far

I’ve tried for you

Oh hero of blue

To create peace

And hatred release

No light ahead

I fear and dread

My physical pain

Return twin flame

‘Twas not to be

Not meant to leave

Return back home

Not the unknown

The fake moon

There you have it

A woman a witch

It shall be known

But I am no snitch

Evil and mislead

Like a child is but she

Tread ever so careful

By the moon she doth see

Embrace the light

Angels protect thee

For you have completed

And will now be free

Move forward on your own

For the warlock must sit

On his golden throne

It is judgement for writ

The gates of pearl open

All of black and the night

Will be taken by force

And extinguished by light

You must revert now

I hate to tell you

Seek your answer

It is here in the blue

You have a seeker

They are not to be trusted

Have played with thy magic

A silver encrusted

I have felt all your sadness

Confusion and ache

Your pain and your sorrow

Your hurt I’ll forsake

But stay true to you

Oh scholar of Blue