Well here I am

With open arms

Six words to make your heart race

No steady pace

To hold and embrace

Letting all walls down

All fears drown

Just the sound of two hearts

Coming together

Just now. Maybe forever

As I come to you

With open arms

Steve sings he knows

The innocence and vulnerability

This song holds and shows

Believe when I say

This love is here to stay

Open Arms

Thank you Mr Perry

White Knight

Laughs with ease

Dimples in cheeks

Smiles and pleases

To all the masses

He knows no fear

Solid as a rock

Mopping strangers tears

A little jig here

A rose for you there

The White Knight is busy

Fair maidens he cares

So bat those fake lashes

Shed foxy tears

Whenever the White Knight

Is heard and appears

If you’re in distress

Ask him any question

He’ll never digress

He craves women’s attention

He is called the White Knight

On his stallion he gallops

I’m sure he has pleased you

Did he sing you a ballad ?

Carry your twin

The wind blows your name to the listening leaves

The leaves swirl and twirl in the wind with glee

The bark sits heavily glistening in the sun

The rain falls softly singing you’re my number one

The day turns into night with numbing pain

The night turns to day again and again

The wrinkles form on lips so quickly crease the mouth

In a downward pose until the laughter comes

Yet again you breached forward and left it all behind

Not a care for those whispering the twins name into the fire


I’m neither beautiful nor plain

Neither obtuse nor insane

Opposite of thin nor fat

No clean lines nor abstract

I’m afraid of creepy black

Love the night insomniac

Dotted stars glitter through

But mostly I love you


Like water
You have cooled
My lips
You have fooled
A chameleon
You change shape
Like water
In a lake
Ripples and waves
Your mood
Foamy oceans
Blue pools
I took a sip
My regret
In my thoughts
In my head
A flame
Deep within
Liquid on tongue
Swallow in
Down my throat
Past a beating organ
Wanting to quell
The burning emotion
Little you know
You are the fuel
That burns the flame
You silly fool

I heard it

I heard it

I felt it

The first

Ice melt

What was it

Triggered it

Played it

Fiddled it

Release it

Stop it

Absorb it

Throw it

Forget it

It’s gone



Is gone

Face the sun

Up high

I’ll be watching

Your smile

Close your eyes

I’m there

Won’t be long

Do I dare

Floating words

Floatings words so free

So light

Coming to me

In the blackest of night

From the darkest corners

Of the deep deep blue

Amongst the shadows

Combined they are new

Describing my thoughts my feelings

My days

Without you the hurt is unbareable


Come back to where it all began

Where innocence of life and

Ignorance was true

I shouldve followed you

down the Stairs unto

A platform of imaginings

Where love is just

To inhale you awaken me

My spirit it must

An artist you paint passion into the skies

Strumming your strings above

Us so high

Alas it was never to be but a dream

For was it a memory

Or just an imaginary

You reached over as fireworks

and the clock it tick tocks

It’s twelve bells it rings as

The new year it knocks

Was that the same memory

You share as you breathe

Twas but 30 years ago

Fresh with a bridal wreathe

I told you a no

And have the pain of regret

A stranger reached out

For my lips and my breathe

For fireworks blew up

Above our heads

Another my betrothed

Watched with abated breathe

The music surrounds and

The wine it sure flowed

My head as it swimmed

To your strange colour code

I’ve met you before up above

In the skies

Before we were born

Before man had died

Where candles were light

And foot was the travel

YOU were my betrothed my spirit

My navel

Attached to our hearts

Arteries beating as one

We shared each deep thought

From whenst did it come

As we wrinkle with age

And a meeting renewed

You ask me do I know you

I could only amuse

For the walls are quite high now

To never be jumped

Know as I write this

My throat a sticky lump

Restrained me from speaking

But a smile escapes

A photo of us

As we pass by the gate

As everyone watches another spots you

Takes a photo of us

As our spirits renew

For this is not forever

Utopia awaits

I am dying today and

I promise restraint

To not look at another

Again i will not

I will wait for that spark

The one you just shot

The last time

Well my friend
The end is near
Tomorrow will be
The last time I will hear
Your voice so perfect
I love you, yes love
Sends me soaring
Up and above
To another level
A private universe
Where noone else
Can touch us
But only love
I will immerse
For without it this world
Is forgotten and doomed
Where once someone told me
Start living or entombed
Forever to walk like the living dead
But little does he know
I go into my head
With the clearing of my mind
Only your voice do I hear
Those beautiful tones
The passion,  the glee
I know all your truth is not written
in  song
But there must be a seed
Tell me am I wrong
Like the seedling it grows
Reaching up to the light
With outstretched green foliage
What a beautiful sight
And into the perfect plant it will be
Forever seeking truth of love
Light and free
To move as I wish
Wont be long now I know
Deep in my heart
The first seed that was sown
There is not much time
With every breath that I take
I thank you for your songs
Now my body starts to ache
With the black inside of me
Once again they have found
that black mass has presented
In the background
Will take over the blue
But that is ok
For without your voice
I would be in my grave
A second chance was given
A third am I right
To do as I wish
Break away from my fright
And fear holds me back
For the pure only know
These man made shackles
That are chained to my soul
To stop me from being
Awake and free
To stop me from throwing away
My family
When I will die
I will protect from above
My electricity you’ll feel
Like the white of a dove
But for now tomorrow
I will see you again
From afar I will smile
And know this my friend
I have loved you before
In a life past and gone
I have loved you today
From the day I was born


Fond is not Love

Love is enamoured
Enamoured is passion
Passion is love
Fond is not in fashion
Love is not hate
Hate is but a feeling
Intense in it’s way
It can have you reeling
But Love is intense
And it is a feeling
Fond is not love
Will it lift up the ceiling?
Fond does not and will not
Replace what we know
It is but a smolder
A small ember and glow
You reach into your heart
And find the word fond
Leaves me to wonder
Where frog is your pond
Love is a passion
Passion the purple hue
Pink is the colour Fond
But this you already knew

Dance amongst the Roses

Tomorrow I dance amongst the rose
My soul my spirit
I hope won’t expose
The buddhist temple
Laden with peace
My love I hope
He will release
These guarded walls
Will fall down to my feet
Love is the highest of highs
I would never mistreat
Come to me
Meet with me
On this birthday of mine
Release all the words
That bind within you and die
Alongside with me
As anew beginning starts
Amongst the roses
Mother nature’s art
They are tended with love
They are tended with care
Our souls our spirits
Come on will you dare .