Politically correct 

Society’s upset

Rascism exists

Verbal risks

Judgemental creatures 

Human’s features

Switch it on

Flick it off

Stand back and watch 

Another kick in crotch

Liars and cheats

Strong hold

On beliefs

I’m so mellow

Children of gables

Watch and learn

Words do burn

Truancy adults

Humanly faults

Where is the line

Can’t underline 

What’s good for the goose

Is not good for the gander

How Judgemental you are 

This I wonder

* for the judges of this life

One thought on “Society’s opinions and impressions

  1. the sun the son and the rain
    pour down upon good and evil
    and some souls get eroded and eaten away by the moth and weevil
    but come judgement time
    the weed and goats thrown into a pyre of fire
    and the sheep thru that narrow
    gate off to ya right!

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