Were you an illusion

Complete in seclusion
A little island
An intrusion
Into my domed world
Moisture in air
Waves crashing my lair
My soul I did bare
The world saw you perform
Amulets adorned
Weathered rocks bore
Your footprints
Into my breath
Sandalwood scent
Evokes images of
Lost souls walking
Looking and talking
For red everywhere
Dark heavens above
Falling angels to serve
Love and not hate
World has now lost
All that was given
Now he will confiscate
Dark angel is running
There is no place to hide
Your power is lost
Give up all you keep
For light you should seek
You are not king
Never were you broken wing
Always were just a pawn
In his game of lovelorn
For today on your knees
If you wish the Golden Keys

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