To wait
To conjure
Thoughts spiral
Terra conquered
You have power
Of words
I mastered
The hurt
I asked
You gave
Selfish I am
You prayed
For us all
You spill
Blood and tears
Your will
Had a break
To connect
To people you love
As above
Always right
Sometimes wrong
Out of sight
In a song
Your stories
You belong
To all
She tied you
With her quill
Then takes
Many pills
Never forget
How close we came
To entwine
Electric shock
Never to be
On a rock
I watch the waves
Rolling in
To jump now
Is a sin
Oceans of blue
You are my love
My colour my hue


2 thoughts on “Patience

  1. Trust we must
    Forever alone
    Is not the human way
    Your love must grow
    I wish for you peace
    And for blood to run free
    Not thick and clotted
    But smooth and silky
    I a handful I trust
    But with eyes always open
    For sometimes LOVE
    Is a word to be spoken
    Like is not love
    But love only hurts
    What are we without
    But never just blurt
    A merry go round
    My head is now swimming
    I wish you and your son
    No lies to be spinning
    Passion patience and love
    Is pain
    As humans to evolve
    Feelings must never reign


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